Adrenal Fatigue - Part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3 - Adrenal Fatigue

If you are experiencing  any of  these symptoms, you may be suffering from a level of Adrenal Fatigue.

  • Waking up at night
  • Cant fall asleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Salt cravings
  • Recurring Infections
  • Vulnerable to cold
  • New Allergies
  • Thirsty and Frequently Urinating
  • Brain Fog
  • Constantly Tired
  • Weight gain
  • Inability to lose weight 

These are all common side effects of Adrenal Fatigue.  The Problem is your standard Doctor doesn’t test or let alone recognize it as a syndrome.  Millions of woman walk around daily  feeling many of these symptoms thinking its normal, to never feel good.  ITS NOT!!! So how do you go from just surviving to THRIVING?? Well, you have to remember you didn’t get this way over night, it happened from an accumulation of things such as; long periods of stress, illness, work issues, home issues, taking antibiotics, eating processed foods, lack of sleep, taking on to much, pollution, toxic relationship’s, etc.  This is where mindful living comes into play.  Its time to inspect your life with a microscope.



  1. Take 1 month off from all strenuous exercise, stick to yoga and walking. (Walking outside barefoot helps rejuvenate the body)
  2. Avoid adrenal stimulators; concentrated sugars, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, foods your allergic to, hydrogenated fats, artificial sweeteners, inadequate sleep-shoot for 7-9hrs
  3. DO NOT skip breakfast, eat high quality protein, with a low glycemic carb and a touch of healthy fat
  4. Think mostly veggies, seeds, beans, soups, high quality protein, high quality grains. NO WHEAT!!!
  5. Do not go long periods without eating
  6. Try incorporating “SOL WATER”, into your routine.  Its like a shot of energy to your tired adrenals.
  7. Eliminate energy robbers from your life (people, places and things that leave you feeling exhausted)
  8. Look for things that make you laugh daily
  9. DO NOT stay up after 10pm
  10. Incorporate Ashwaganda, and Magnesium into your supplements

Take a step back from everything, start to journal and reconnect with yourself.  Create a daily routine that’s a healing one.  Your body wants to heal itself and by making these changes you will be on the road to your best self in no time. 


Tongue Scrapping


Did you know that the unpleasant sent of morning breath along with the white coating on your tongue is caused from bacteria?   Most people think as long as they do a quick brush of the tongue, that its enough for their dental hygiene.  Truth be told, scraping your tongue is just as important as brushing your teeth.  All toxins begin in the mouth, if you let tongue bacteria accumulate, the toxicity will spread down to your intestine tract and into the rest of your body.  You can see the white mucous coating on your tongue, but you cant see what’s spreading inside your body.  When we sleep, the bacteria, food debris, fungi, dead cells and toxins all build up on the surface of our tongues.  If your not tongue scraping, your body is reabsorbing all the nasties and spreading them to your gut, making you a toxic play ground.  Side effects of this toxicity are; weak digestion, lowered immune system, inability to assimilate nutrients, weight gain, acne, illness, bloating, gas and constipation to name a few.

Hopefully your convinced to give tongue scrapping a try.


All you need is a stainless steel tongue scraper.  You can find them at your local health food store, or Amazon.


  1. Hold the scraper with one hand on each side
  2. Look in the mirror and stick your tongue out
  3. Place the scraper at the back of your tongue and gently scrape the surface of your tongue in a long stroke from back to front (you will see the white mucus accumulate on the scraper)
  4. Repeat 10 times
  5. Rinse the scraper with water repeat daily
  6. Ideally follow with oil pulling (article on oil pulling below)


Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling, What it is & the Benefits!

Oil pulling involves swishing oil around in your mouth for cleansing, and detoxifying the body.  The practice of oil pulling originated thousands of years ago but went dormant covered up by modern medicines.  Thankfully holistic practitioners and functional medical doctors are helping to bring the practice back to light.

The Science Behind Oil Pulling

The fatty acid in coconut oil attracts bacteria, microbes and other pathogens, while the lauric acid in coconut oil is an antimicrobial, antibacterial and kills bacteria, fungi and viruses.  When you oil pull with coconut oil, it “pulls” toxins from the mouth, helping to cleanse our blood.  After 15-20min of oil pulling, the blood from the entire body has the opportunity to circulate in and around the mouth, this results in a detox not just for the mouth but for the entire body.  

More Benefits:

  • Reduces chemical load
  • Reduces liver and kidney stress
  • Reduces bad breath
  • Reduces sinus infections
  • Reduces migraines and headaches
  • Reduces plaque
  • Whitens teeth naturally
  • Increased mental awareness


NOTE: Its extremely important to do your oil pulling first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.  This is because bacteria levels are at their highest, so you will have the greatest potential for detoxification.

  1. Swish 2-3 teaspoons of UNREFINED COLD PRESSED coconut oil around in your mouth for 15-20min. (Work your way up to the time by starting with 5min first.)  DO NOT gargle or swallow the oil.  After you oil pull, the oil will be filled with bacteria and toxins.
  2. After 5-20min, spit oil into trash can.  DO NOT spit down drains to avoid clogging pipes.
  3. Brush your teeth and gums.
  4. Rinse and enjoy


The Power of Sole Water

Why we Drink Sole Water

  People have many different beliefs on how to best hydrate the body.  You may have seen people who carry around one gallon jugs everywhere.  Or the  friend who has an app to track their water intake.  Maybe you know the person in the office who is always on a bathroom break because they have to get in their water intake for the day.   We're not here to say they're wrong.  We are here to inform you that there is a key ingredient missing to the hydration equation.  It’s salt.  Not bleached table salt.  But Himalayan, Sea, Rock or Celtic salt.  Now, you are probably thinking that too much salt isn’t good for you.  This, however, is not true.  If you do your research you will find that consuming the right kind of salt in the right way is extremely beneficial to many aspects of your health.

  Lets start with the whole hydration myth.  Did you know that you can actually drink too much water.  You can dilute your body which will cause all your electrolytes and minerals to flush out to quickly.  This is a bad situation because your cells need them to run properly.  This is where Sole comes in.  The Sole Water is loaded with minerals and nutrients like calcium, potassium, and magnesium.  Sole water alkalizes the pH of your body; you will notice your eyes look brighter, your skin clearer and improvement with digestion.  Sole Water INCREASES hydration, prevents muscle cramping for athletes and people who work out in the heat, and balances your electrolytes.  Sole Water is the best and  cheapest post workout drink. 



  1. Detoxifies the body of heavy metals
  2. Reduces signs of aging
  3. Strengthens your bones
  4. Encourages healthy sleep patterns
  5. Lowers high blood pressure
  6. Improves circulation in the body
  7. Increases vascular health

BONUS* add a handful of Himalayan sea salt to your bath for a spa-like detoxifying bath.


What you’ll need….

  1. Mason jar
  2. Celtic Grey or Pink Himalayan salt
  3. Filtered water


  1. Fill a quart-size Mason jar one-third full with unrefined, Celtic Grey or Pink Himalayan salt
  2. Fill the jar with filtered water, leaving two inches at the top and cover with a plastic top (NO METAL)
  3. Shake and let it sit for 24hrs
  4. Check in 24hrs to see if all salt crystals are dissolved, and add a little more salt
  5. When the salt no longer dissolves, the Sole is ready
  6. Add half a teaspoon of Sole to an 8oz glass of water for one glass every morning


Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing, an Ayurvedic Practice

Dry brushing is the Ayurvedic practice of gently scraping the body with a dry bristle or loofa brush to remove toxins and dead skin cells.  Dry brushing promotes detoxification and stimulates your lymphatic system.  Your skin is your largest organ and is responsible for excreting toxins from your body.  If your skin is covered with dead follicles it can not do its job properly, which can result in inflammation and toxicity within your body.  Your lymphatic system is your bodies natural filtration system.  In order to keep it from getting congested and filled with toxins, you need to aid it with dry brushing.  Daily dry brushing will increase oxygen flow, increase circulation, reduce cellulite, remove dead skin cells and assist your body in removing unwanted waste.  Dry brushing will also leave you feeling light. As if it brushes away the heaviness daily life can cause.

7 Steps on How to Start Dry Brushing 

  1. Buy any natural, firm-bristle brush (I prefer one with a handle).
  2. Begin at you feet, strokes always going towards your heart in long, slow motions.
  3. Work your way up each leg, making sure not to miss a spot and to pay special attentions to areas of cellulite build up.
  4. Continue the strokes up, when you get to your stomach do clock wise circles then back to long strokes up the rest of you body, arms, chest and back, remembering always stroking towards the heart.
  5. For your face use a separate, softer smaller brush so you don’t transfer body toxins to your face.
  6. Once a week wash your brush in warm water with four drops of your favorite essential oil.
  7. After this spa like treatment, finish with a light self-oil massage. Choose something cooling for the body in the summer, like coconut oil, and something warmer in the colder months like sesame oil.


Daily and Nightly Routine

The Power of Sleep

Is sleeping on your list of priorities?  Sleep is the most restorative, healing part of your day.  It is something to be treasured and valued.  While asleep, your body is hard at work; your muscles are being restored, balance your hormones, detoxify, and prepare yourself to take on the challenges of the day.  If you are not sleeping well, you may wake feeling heavy and lethargic.  You will be more likely  to over eat because ghrelin, the appetite increasing hormone is increased.  You have probably already noticed that on your not so good sleep nights you eat more and make emotional food choices.  This is a real thing!! It's due to the hormonal shifts in your body from being out of your sleep rhythm.  If you are trying to lose weight, you can see how important sleep is to the process.  The sad truth is that even if you are eating healthy and exercising regularly you will still gain weight if you are not getting enough sleep.  Quality of sleep is another important topic we will be covering soon.  Til then turn off the tv and get some shut eye.