"Coach Em"

All About Coach Em

I believe it has always been my calling to help others look and feel their best.


I was born and raised in Cape May NJ.  I started my journey to helping people first as a Cosmetologist. For twelve years I enjoyed the high of making people feel good about their appearance and being a positive influence in their lives.  

Wanting to try a different avenue of helping the community, I decided to become a Police Officer.  Both fields showed me how much I loved being of service to others, but Ieft me wanting  to do it on a deeper level.  I knew from my experiences that to truly be able to help someone become the best version of their self,  it had to be a total mind and body connection.  I started first by getting certified as a level 1 CrossFit Trainer. I loved that CrossFit style workouts could be sized up or down for any fitness level, that it is a team  environment and of course so fun and competitive for all levels! It's also where I met Coach Nat. I further fed my passion by becoming a Certified Health Coach.  I learned that if your diet was wrong nothing else mattered.  


Woman Strong is the result of my desire to help as many women as possible reach their full potential.  Through my life experiences, working with the public and observing human nature I saw the need for a place to go where no matter what your age, you could benefit from the information shared.  Positivity breeds positivity.  Strength in numbers, that’s what Woman Strong is.  Myself and Coach Nat are determined to show and tell as much as we can to help empower women. Our mission is to provide the right tools needed for success.   We have incorporated Little Boss Ladies into our project to help build strong, healthy little ladies, so they can take on the world with confidence.  


  • Crossfit Level 1 certified
  • Certified Health Coach
  • Fitness Coach
  • Law Enforcement Officer