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A goal without a plan is just a wish. The Woman Strong Project is a fully integrated, mind, body, health and fitness revolution. The Woman Strong Coaches of the Jersey Shore are devoted to empowering the best version of YOU. Our environment of positive, strong, independent women is just the good vibing home you've been looking for. 

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7AM Crew


Join Coach Em & Coach Nat Monday - Friday at 7AM at our Group Fitness Class at the Cape May Fitness Center, in N. Cape May. This class is a combination of Olympic Lifting, Crossfit and HIIT.

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Join us on Audioboom! Search for us at Woman Strong Project and follow us for the full 360, body, mind and soul connection.

Little Boss Lady


Is your little gem a boss in the making? Join our Little Boss Lady family as we practice positive affirmations, bonding, problem solving and what it takes to be a boss in the big world. 

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Caption our hashtag #womanstrongproject on a photo where you feel empowered and we will feature your post on our website and share your motivation with our followers.

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